We’ve curated this exhibit to celebrate the first-ever vinyl release of Morphine's water-themed fourth studio album. Here you’ll find Mark's watercolors of clocks (a favorite subject), photos from the album cover shoot taken in the backyard pool of Mark's childhood home, behind-the-scenes images from their GRAMMY nomination for the "Early To Bed" music video. Plus, Mark’s doodles and early drafts of lyrics.

As Ryan Walsh writes in the liner notes to Light In The Attic’s vinyl reissue: "Water represents intuition, wisdom, power, and grace, and I would make the case that Like Swimming is an album about getting into the flow of things finally going your way, about comfortably making use of your talents and doing it all with confidence, grace, and style." The title track, for example, is not a song about the singer’s first time “swimming;” no, he’s teaching you how to do it. He’s already great at it. “It gets easier when you move your arms and legs... Why don't we try right now? Yes, right now... I know a way to swim all the way downtown.”

Let’s go swimming, shall we?