About Morphine

The Cambridge, Massachusetts power-trio Morphine was admired by critics, influential to peers, and beloved by global fans. Mark Sandman, Dana Colley, Billy Conway, and original drummer Jerome Deupree, adopted a “less is more” philosophy, stripping songs and instrumentation down to their purest forms.

Using a 2-string slide bass, saxophone and drum, they created a unique sound that Sandman dubbed “low rock,” a name that suited his smoky baritone voice and mesmerizing grooves.

Morphine’s timeless music can be discovered over streaming airwaves, in movie soundtracks, inside compilations, on "best of" alternative lists, and in the unexpected places people go to hear something good.



Good, Accurate/Distortion (1992) 

Good, Rykodisc (1993) 

Cure for Pain, Rykodisc (1993)

Yes, Rykodisc (1995) 

Like Swimming, Rykodisc/Dreamworks (1997)

The Night, Dreamworks (2000)



Bootleg Detroit, Rykodisc (2000)

Live at the Warfield 1997 (2017)



Good w/ “Shame” Rykodisc / Video Arts, Japan  (1993)

Cure For Pain, Rykodisc / Natasha, Brazil (1993)

Cure For Pain w/ "Down Loves Tributaries" Rykodisc / Video Arts, Japan (1993)

Yes w/ "Pulled Over The Car” Rykodisc/ Video Arts, Japan (1995)

Like Swimming w/ "Open Up The Window" Rykodisc, Japan (1997)

Eleven O'Clock EP Rykodisc, Japan (1997) 



"Sharks Patrol These Waters" (1995), The Best of Volume: Sharks Patrol These Waters 

"SundayAfternoonWeightlessness," In Defense of Animals Volume 2. Caroline (1996)

"Radar," WRAS Presents Radio Odyssey, Ichiban (1996)

"Radar," Safe and Sound Big Rig / Mercury (1996)

"Scratch,"  Pipeline: Live Boston Rock on WMBR, Slow River (1996)

B-Sides and Otherwise, Rykodisc (1997)

"Kerouac," Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness, Rykodisc, (1997) 

"Never Live Twice," Volume: 5th Anniversary,  (1997) 

The Best of Morphine: 1992-1995, Rykodisc (2003)

Sandbox: The Mark Sandman Box Set (2004)

At Your Service, Rhino/Rykodisc (2009)



"Buena" (1993)

"Thursday" (1993)

"Sexy X-Mas Baby Mine" / "Cure For Pain" (1993)  7" 

"Cure For Pain" / "Down Loves Tributaries" / "Shame" / "My Brain" (1993) Rykodisc. CD / US

"Sharks" (1994)

"Cure for Pain" (1994)

"Super Sex" (1995)

"Honey White" (1995)

"Early to Bed" (1997)

"Murder for the Money" (1997)

"Eleven O'Clock" (1999)



"Thursday" / ”Mary Won't You Call My Name?" Rykodisc (1994)

Thursday" / “Mary Won't You Call My Name?" Rykodisc, 7" (1994)

"Super Sex" / "Birthday Cake" / "Have A Lucky Day" / "Sundayafternoonweighllessness", Rykodisc (1995)

"Super Sex" / " Know You Pt. 2" / "All Wrong"  Rykodisc (1995)

"Super Sex” / “I Know You”  Rykodisc,  7”  (1995)

"Honey White" / "I Know You Pt. 2” / "All Wrong"  Rykodisc (1995)[e]



Postcards From America, "Providence"

Get Short "Bo's Veranda* / "Had My Chance"

Spanking The Monkey, 5 songs from Cure For Pain

Georgia, "Cure For pain”

National Lampoon's Senior Trip, "Yes"

Bad Company, "You Look Like Rain"

Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead, "Mile High"

A Boy Called Hate, "In Spite Of Me"

Beautiful Girls, "Honey White"

A Holy Promise, “The Saddest Song” / "The Other Side"

Two Days In the Valley, "Gone For Good"

Guy, "You Look Like Rain"

Whiskey Down aka Just Your Luck, Entire Musical Score



Buena, Directed by Don Kleszy

Thursday, Directed by Don Kleszy

Honey White, Directed by Don Kleszy

Super Sex, Directed by Don Kleszv

Mile High, Directed by Steven Kirklys