The Night is Morphine's final studio album completing the cycle of elements that began with Good (earth),Cure For Pain (air),Yes (fire) and Like Swimming (water). Recorded at Hi-N-Dry, Mark's loft and studio, after mixing the album, the band flew to Europe in July of 1999 for a two-week tour, but Mark suffered a heart attack and collapsed on stage during a performance in Palestrina, Italy and did not live to see its release, which Alternative Press called "a masterpiece" and Rolling Stone praised as their “most painstakingly layered and ambitious album.” 

As Ryan H. Walsh writes in the liner notes: "Unlike a lot of music from the time period, Morphine’s records don’t sound dated or tethered to some bygone era. In particular,The Night now sounds ahead of its time, forward-thinking, bold, and surprising. This is what Sandman left behind; this is what this band still has to offer. It’s all still there when you need it. In that way, Morphine still is, and always will be, at your service."