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This album was recorded at Mark's loft and studio where tape was always rolling. He liked to keep things loose and spontaneous, which is hard to do in a studio. During one session, while Mark was making coffee, Drummer Jerome Deupree warmed-up with a spontaneous drum pattern, soon joined by Billy. Mark heard the riff and came running from the other side of the loft, hit record, and began playing bass. That moment became track two on the record, “So Many Ways.”


Having played together on Cure For Pain, both Morphine drummers were reunited on this album playing side-by-side. “We set up our kits so close together that we could reach across each other's kit,” Billy remembers. “I could hit his ride cymbal or his floor tom. He could reach over, hit my hi-hat or a snare drum. So on that song ‘Like a Mirror,’ to this day, we can’t quite tell who’s doing what.”