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Like Swimming Tour Calendar

This calendar from the "Like Swimming" tour in 1997 is peppered with promo stops and radio shows. Radio play, especially alternative radio, mattered a lot back then and was a big reason for the band's success.

The tour kicked off at the Paradise in Boston with Wooden Leg and Trona. Mark loved supporting local bands with friends he played with like Jimmy Ryan from Wooden Leg who played Mandolin on "In Spite of Me", among other tracks, and would come on stage and join Morphine's set.

Guitarist Chris Dyas and bass player Pete Sutton from Trona also played in an instrumental surf band called the Ray Corvair trio that had a Sunday night residency at the Plough & Stars where Mark would sit in and play organ. Mary Ellen who played guitar and sang in the band is also name-checked in the song "Top Floor Bottom Buzzer." Since Deb Klein managed Trona along with Morphine, it was a no brainer to add them to the bill.